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30 Best SEO Software For Small Business

Every business needs a tracking tool that guides it and informs about the progress of the company with relation to its popularity online and marketing strategy.

30 Best SEO Software for Small Business

Whenever someone searches for a specific thing and refers the internet for information, it is essential that the focus fall on the company providing those services. Thus, having a good website that has all the keywords optimized for specific search is vital in order to get good business.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial to understand the needs of the consumers and realize what is most desirable to the masses. Accordingly, it is easier for the company to plan its marketing strategy to reach out to maximum clients.

There are various SEO software tools available in the market for installation that may be free or premium. However, each tool has its unique task besides being a general search tool.

There are various SEO tools from Google itself. Nonetheless, there are other providers too.

Here is the list of 30 best SEO software for small business


SERPWoo is considered a most innovative and “must-have” SEO tool. SERP or Search Engine Result Pages lands you on selected pages or sites that may relate to the keyword you are searching. It has features that most other tools do not offer. They track past rankings and show current movements in a graph to understand the progress and standing of the company.

Their keyword tool is one of the best SEO software for small business. It not only lists the keywords, but also shows all possible websites that have used those keywords in effective manner in their phrases. Thus, you have access to the queries and in turn to more traffic that will generate more revenue.

Ashrefs’ Site Explorer

The Ahref site explorer tool helps you to gauge the keywords, backlinks and rankings of the domain that you search. This is the best SEO software for small business to analyze your competitors and plan your marketing strategy accordingly. As compared to MOZ, Ashrefs have a wider database of backlinks, thus giving you extensive knowledge about keyword phrase building.

Ashrefs’ Keyword Explorer

Similar to SERPWoo, Ashrefs’ Keyword Explorer shows identical phrases and keywords that are highly searched and permits you to incorporate the same in your own site for better traffic and revenue.

Moz offers many free SEO tools and this Link Explorer is very useful. After typing the URL of the website that you are searching, you get access to the backlinks, including the main text that the sites used as well as the pages from which the links came from.

In a competitive world, it is essential to know what keywords the competitors are using to get the best ranking phrases.

Moz Local Listing

Moz ranks amongst the best SEO software for small business when it comes to local SEO. However, they have variety of tools to assist you to navigate your business through competition and establish in the market.

This tool ascertains that your local listing is not trailing behind and guides you to improve the strategy that will draw more crowds to the business. If your local listing is effective, it not only attracts more customers to the business, but also aids in appearing on top of the search list for quick attention. Establishing the business in local community is vital before spreading the wings.

Google Analytics

Just hosting a website is not enough, if you do not keep track of the traffic to understand the popularity of the business. Nonetheless, Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze the traffic and the sentiments about your site. The data displays source of the visitors, time spent on your website. Besides, it demonstrates how different kinds of traffic use and convert on your visited site.

Google Webmaster Tools

Your business will suffer a major setback if you do not use this tool. Google gives the best data directly from the source that helps you realize the indexed links and the ones that are not. The tool also lists the keywords that you are aiming for. Therefore, it is easier to incorporate those keywords in your phrases to draw more traffic.

For a business to flourish, it is vital to be in constant radar of the prospective customers and to accomplish that a strong keyword based website is crucial.


Even though it is a challenger to SERPWoo, SEMRush claims that it is all-in-one tool for digital marketing professionals. It covers all the aspects of various tools like access to traffic monitoring, backlink, rankings data pertaining to any website hosted on the internet. SEMRush is amongst the best SEO Software for small business.

Screaming Frog

This is by far the best SEO Software for small business when it comes to web crawling and spider tool. It has varied uses; nevertheless, it is mostly applicable to scan your website for errors and to scrape out any SEO related data from the pages.


This tool helps to scrape the data from the web and save substantial amount of money. The tool has a tag of being the “Swiss army knife of SEO”. It has 30 free add-ons and is highly customizable. Myriad of features complement the SEO operations at an affordable price.

This tool helps in recognizing the search volume even before they appear in any keywords tool. It projects the search data from Google as graphical representation for better understanding of the popularity of a phrase or topic. This further assists in revamping the website with pin pointed keywords and phrases to increase the traffic.

Google Trends is mostly useful for new industries or large industries with many sub-functions.

Google Keyword Planner

This has become less applicable over the past years for the sole reason of the restrictions of the amount of data accessible to users. Nonetheless, as with other Google tools, it is the most reliable source available for reference. Currently it is in use to crosscheck and confirm the data obtained from other keyword tools. Thus, you can find the density of keywords and apply them accordingly in your own site.

SEO Crawler

If you have to pick a single SEO tool for your business, then SEO Crawler is the one to consider. As Jack-of-all trades, this tool is a perfect all-in-one management tool that helps you handle many activities. It performs website analytics and auditing, tracks backlinks and keeps record of your own ratings as compared to the competitor ratings and a lot more.
You can evaluate the tool with a free 14 days trial by signing up before you make the purchase.


Due to its simplicity of use and easy to interpret interface, this tool has become very popular amongst users. The program collects data from Google Keyword Planner and other similar sources to give a comprehensive view of the keywords that you need to focus on.

For every successful SEO operation, knowledge of keywords is essential to aim for the ranking and to counter attack the competitive phrases to soar high in rankings.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Making improvements to your on-page SEO can be an uphill task if you do not know the shortcomings. The QuickSprout Website Analyzer scans through the entire site, checking the descriptions, titles, images and headings metadata and pointing to places of improvements. Thus, on-page SEO improvements are easy to implement by making necessary changes.

Schema Creator

Sometimes making things complicated can be advantageous. In the same manner, Schema makes your Google listings complicated and hence draws crowd for more clicks on your site. It also assists in making your website prominent in results pages that prompt the users to visit it. In short, this tool is essential to draw traffic to your site and get ranking appreciation.
With this tool, you can incorporate star ratings, your business information and permit the users to contact you.


This unique program allows you to envisage the website in a manner similar to a search engine. It extracts everything that is not readable by Google crawlers and permits you to check the indexed and non-indexed items.

This is especially useful to categorize the individual sections for indexing or hide some information and data from search engines.

SERPs Rank Checker

If your business is part of an industry where the SERPs are extremely unpredictable, then keeping track of your rankings is essential. A single slip in ranking can cause a loss of thousands of dollars per day. By just inserting keywords and your pages in the tracker tool, you are able to understand the popularity and standing of your website.

Google Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insight tool is a part of Google Search Console. This tool analyzes the website and points out to possible improvements that can make the speed of the page faster. Many times certain files within the site retard the process of page opening and thus they need reworking.
The tool is crucial to determine the rankings and therefore having a site with pages that respond faster is imperative for better traffic. Many users neglect slow opening sites, as they are time consuming.

Pingdom Speed Checker

Even though Google Page Speed Insight tool guides you to the drawbacks on your pages that result in slow response, Pingdom tool goes a step further. Instead of just showing the fundamental changes that need incorporation, the tool goes a level deeper. Each of the files that your page loads is represented in cascading mode, permitting you to see which files are slow in response and why. Hence, you can gauge whether it is poorly optimized page, slow external calls or a slow server that is causing delays.


This is widely acclaimed to trace plagiarism. It is a common observation that many sites just copy/paste the data from one source and use in their own site. Copyscape is instrumental in scanning the database of millions of web pages and records to find any copied content.


Usually it is “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. However, as far as page-speed testing tools are concerned, it is more the better. Using this tool along with afore mentioned Google Page-speed Insight tool and Pingdom Speed checker, helps you to get a proper insight in the problem that causes slow loading of pages.

This quite complex tool ascertains the reasons for slow speed and gives you tips on improvement for optimizing the speed of the website.


This tool helps you find out different keywords to make an impressive and strategic content for marketing. This also aids in producing your own content for site. The innumerable free suggestions can help the site stand out from the rest and even improve your site ranking.

Knowing a specific keyword with its importance in targeting the audience helps you to get a better edge in the competitive business arena.


If you are looking for keyword brainstorming, then Serpstat is the tool for you. It has a capability to generate large number of keyword ideas. The “Search Questions” feature provides the users with the more likely questions under consideration pertaining to a particular topic.

This tool is excellent in backlink analysis, rank tracking, analysis of competitor’s data and many others.


This is a must-have SEO tool for small businesses and has amazing features. Its “View Sharers” feature assists the users to know the source who has shared a content piece on Twitter. “BuzzSumo Alerts” instantly inform the users of a keyword or phrase posted on the internet.

BuzzSumo is a great way to connect with influencers for any given topic. Besides, it also guides in letting the user know about the maximum number of shared links related to any topic.

Agency Analytics

This is dedicated to digital marketing companies and has integration with social media platforms and other SEO tools such as Twitter, YouTube, Google Analytics and others.

It is ideal for creating reports for the clients and widely used by over 2500 digital marketing firms. There can be customized dashboard targeting PPC, Social, SEO, email and so on.

As a user of Agency Analytics, you can keep the clients well informed by sending automated report to their respective inbox.

SEO Power Suite

This brilliant SEO tool has everything under one roof. It is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. As the name suggests, this power suite is a collection of tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, rank checker and site auditor.

With its detailed analysis, you can improve your site ranking by revamping the current site with necessary changes. You can also design effective SEO strategies by studying the deep analytical report.


Users can start optimizing their content for better rankings, thanks to the Clearscope tool. After typing in the target keyword, the tool provides with entire collection of terms that need incorporation to make the content rich and SEO friendly.

It does not stop at just pinpointing the keywords, but also states how many times you should use them in the content. Keyword dense content always attracts more traffic.

Long Tail Pro

This is an easy to use keyword research tool. By just entering a keyword, many suggestions are open to you. Due to its filter feature, you get to know about the keywords that really matter.

All thanks to this tool, you get access to over 400+ long tail keywords for your single seed entry. The rank tracker feature is also extremely simple to use and keeps you updated on the status of your site ranking.

Google My Business

Nothing can be better than enlisting your business in the Google My Business, irrespective of the size of the setup.

Google always offers free services and this is one that should be availed of by especially locally active businesses like restaurants, salons, car-agency, grocery store and others.

It manages your physical location details, as they would emerge within search results as well as Google Maps. Thus, the customers get familiar with the exact location of your business for quick approach.

A well- optimized GMB profile ensures that your listing is up in the ranking and thus gets more clicks and traffic with increased number of customers.


Many other SEO tools help boost the business and keep it in limelight. Selection of a good SEO tool is important to push your listing up on top of the competitive ladder and get recognition.

Every tool has its specific function. However, there are multi-tasking tools that solve many issues simultaneously. It is advisable to go through each tool’s performance and select the ones that are most applicable and profitable for your setup.

If one has to survive in the mad rush and competitive world, it is essential to make your presence felt by effective marketing strategies. A good website with rich content that gives a good description of the business and the future goals of the establishment is necessary to attract prospective customers.

Know the customer’s mind and utilize the resources to make the most of it by projecting a perfect image that will attract the consumers to your business. Hence, it is a best investment to adopt some good SEO tool to promote your business.