A2 Hosting Vs SiteGround: Everything You Need To Know.

A2 Hosting Vs SiteGround: Introduction.

So, you are ready to take your business online! That’s great.

Well, the first most thing you need in this process is a web host that can help you maintain a presence on the internet.

a2 hosting vs siteground review

Market these days is loaded with plenty of competitive web hosting platforms, but not all of them are equally reliable. When you want to ensure uninterrupted services to your clients and customers, it is important to choose a renowned hosting service. In order to achieve best returns, you should compare features of all available web hosts and choose the one that can satisfy your needs in the best possible manner.

Here we are going to talk about the two most popular web hosts: A2 Hosting and SiteGround. This article will help you dive deeper into features, pros and cons of both these web hosts to identify the superior option for your needs.

Just spare a few minutes to go through the details below and soon you will be able to make a confident purchase decision.

Quick Highlights about A2 Hosting:

A2 is a widely known high-performance web hosting service provider which has gained a great reputation in the market. This company was established by Bryan Muthig in the year 2003 with headquarters at Michigan, USA.

At present, A2 s serving large numbers of users all over the world. It is rated as one of the most eco-friendly hosting services that can offer solid and well-tested hosting experience.

Few incredible features of A2 Hosting are listed below for your quick review:

  • It offers guaranteed 99.9% service uptime.
  • Users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee.
  • Turbo Servers promise 20x faster page loading.
  • It is supported by PHP7, HTTP/2, HackScan, SSD and Free Cloudflare CDN technology.
  • Pre-installed WordPress for easy website building experience.
  • Free website migrations supported.
  • Comes with free server rewind and automatic daily backups tool.
  • This platform is pre-tuned for security with free SSL.

Other than this, with A2 web hosting, you can avail affordable packages for dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, and shared hosting. These professionals also offer free domain name registration with the hosting package.

Turbo Boost is their most famous shared web hosting plan that provides easy access to unlimited NVMe storage, unlimited website, unlimited web transfers, unlimited email accounts, free website builder, free SSL certificate and free automatic backups as well.

All plans of A2 Hosting come with an anytime money-back guarantee, and they offer 99.9% uptime. You can also expect reliable customer support via live chat, phone call and emails.

Quick Highlights about SiteGround:

Here is another famous performer in the web hosting world which is known for its amazing support and ultra-fast hosting service. Many experts recommend SiteGround for building a great reputation for your business online.

The company was established in the year 2004, and they are maintaining an excellent reputation all over the world. At present, SiteGround is serving almost 2 million websites, and users are satisfied with the performance.

Here we have listed a few features of SiteGround web hosting service:

  • SiteGround has an official partnership with WordPress website builder.
  • All plans of SiteGround come with fully managed hosting service.
  • All the shared hosting plans are supported by free SSD drives.
  • Servers of SiteGround are powered by PHP7, Google Cloud, NGINX + Caching and HTTP/2.
  • They offer 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • All website holders get free Cloudflare CDN and SSL certificate.

The hosting packages available at SiteGround platform include auto-scalable cloud hosting, high-performance WooCommerce hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and shared hosting. GrowBig is their most popular plan which offers easy access to 20GB disk space along with speed-boosting cache, free email, free CDN, free SSL certificate, unmetered traffic, and 25000 monthly views.

Even the cheapest hosting plan of SiteGround also offers 99.9% uptime guarantee with quality customer support over email, chat and phone.

A2 Hosting Vs SiteGround: Detailed Comparison.

After getting a quick reference about both these hosting services, let us start detailed comparison few essential features and services. It may help you to make a confident selection for the most suitable plan.

Speed and Uptime:

When we talk about loading speed, SiteGround is always appreciated for their advanced technology; even when a large number of people are trying to reach the website. Along with speed-boosting features, SiteGround also has advanced SuperCacher system which makes use of multiple caching tools so that pages can load fast. Although the most expensive GoGeek plan is known for a higher level of caching, you will also be satisfied with the start-up plan as well.

The average page loading times for SiteGround server are 0.5 to 0.7 seconds. But if we check the recommendations from Google, it rates two seconds as best loading time, and the average can go up to seven seconds.

If we talk about A2 Hosting, it offers comparatively faster server response times and page loading. It is just because of their specially designed speed optimized servers, Anycast DNS and SSD Storage. Other than this, A2 hosting also offers Turbo feature; however, users can access this facility only with the Turbo plan, which is the most expensive option on this platform. Turbo is capable enough to deliver 20 times faster speed as compared to many other competitive hosting services.

The server response times are also quite impressive with A2 as it takes less than a second to update all details. At an average, the server response time of A2 Hosting falls between 0.23 to 0.28 seconds. Note that it is almost two times faster than SiteGround.

Now, the next big question is which one of these is more reliable in terms of uptime. Well, in this case, SiteGround stands ahead of the A2 Hosting. Although, both A2 and SiteGround guarantee an average uptime of 99.9%; SiteGround is rated high for its consistent monthly average, which rounds up to 99.98%. It means you can expect the estimated downtime of 8.5 minutes in the entire month. A2 Hosting is inconsistent on the ground with an average uptime of 99.92%, which leads to the average downtime of 35 minutes per month.

So, we can say that there is a tie on the basis of these aspects as A2 performs better in terms of speed and SiteGround is rated high for uptime.

Let us move ahead to other feature to get more clarity over selection.

Security and Threat Protection:

We all want to keep our website safe from hacker attacks because they are the biggest threat to your business reputation online. It is important to mention that SiteGround makes use of AI-powered technology with its advanced brute force protection and server firewalls. This platform keeps on developing its own security patches instead of waiting for the stuff from other developers.

On the other side, A2 works with Perpetual Security feature that can keep your data protected all the time. It also has brute force, DDoS protection and built-in HackScan protection. Furthermore, the dual firewall can help you ensure more safety online. But the only trouble is that it doesn’t develop its own security patches.

So, clearly, SiteGround proves a winning edge for these features; however, you can also rely on the proactive approach of A2 Hosting.

Ease of Use:

It is not always about the features only; if you are not able to access them with ease, the hosting service is of no use. The most important thing to mention about SiteGround is that it allows easy migrations from other hosting platforms. However, A2 permits transfer only for the websites that are designed on cPanel.

If we talk about the money-back guarantee, A2 offers more reliable services with its anytime money-back guarantee, but with SiteGround you get only 30 days money-back guarantee. The bandwidth is unmetered in both cases, and free SSL certificates are also available. But only SiteGround offers unlimited email accounts; with A2, you can own only a limited number of accounts, and they cannot be used for marketing needs.

Another good thing to know about SiteGround is that it offers free website builder with many advanced features, but the A2 website builder comes with very basic features.

Hence, SiteGround clearly stands ahead of A2 in terms of ease of use and essential features.

Customer Service Quality:

No matter how skilled you are with website building and management, at some point in time, we all seek expert support. To address such situations, we need a hosting service provider with reliable customer service so that they can resolve all the technical issues on time. Moreover, it must be easier to establish contact with these professionals so that your business does not suffer so long.

Experts recommend SiteGround for its efficient customer service; they are fast enough and ready to support you 24×7. You can contact these experts via chat support, phone call and email-based conversations as well. Usually, the live chat is rated as the fastest customer support line where support agents are ready to assist you instantly.

If you choose email support, you may have to wait for less than ten minutes. And the best thing is that instead of sending an auto-response message, you will be able to talk to a real human being who understands your problem clearly. Also, there is no need to wait so long on phone calls as well. You can trust these professionals and their speed of resolving all the issues.

On the other side, A2 Hosting also claims 24×7 customer support via phone, ticket and live chat; but it has not obtained more reliable customer reviews for this part. You may have to wait for several minutes to receive a reply, even on the live chat platform. If you generate a ticket for service, you may have to wait for at least 48 hours to get a reply. The phone-based support service is also problematic as you may have to wait for hours to get a solution while listening to that annoying wait music.

So, without any doubt, SiteGround is again a winner for its incredible customer support service.

Cost and Backup:

Most of the hosting companies keep on debating between hosting package price. But in actual, the price must be considered based on a few relevant features. So, on the first note, if we talk about backups, you will be happy to hear that SiteGround offers free daily backups and the data is kept stored for the next 30 days. Hence, you can easily release your important data whenever needed. But in case of A2 Hosting, you have to pay for backup services since it is a paid feature and the size of the backup with deciding the price.

With SiteGround, you have a better option to start slowly using small plans such as a 12-month package. It will give you a better opportunity to explore the features; however, in case of A2, you can to commit directly for three years to lock an affordable deal. Furthermore, the renewal prices of SiteGround are higher as compared to A2. But in the case of A2, you have to cancel the renewal in writing. Otherwise, you have to pay for the renewal, and there is no possibility for refund.

So, we can say that SiteGround is a clear winner on these aspects and it offers you more value for your money. You can even think of committing for the long run.

Additional Features:

There is no doubt to say that A2 Hosting and SiteGround offer plenty of features to help you run your business online. It is not just about uptime, bandwidth and ease of use; here we are talking about a few additional features that are must to ensure reliable performance online.

If we go in detail, SiteGround is known for its extensive range of features as compared to A2; below we have listed a few essential points to show the comparison:

  • SiteGround offers extensive SSD storage whereas, with A2 Hosting, you get only RAID 10 storage.
  • In order to enhance server performance, SiteGround also provides easy access to PHP 7, CloudFare CDN and OpCache. You can expect a great response with these advanced technologies.
  • All SiteGround plans come with free daily backup facility. They can help you ensure enhanced safety of important website content.

At the same time, A2 Hosting also offers some benefits of SiteGround. Let us go through the areas where A2 Hosting stands ahead of SiteGround:

  • With A2 Hosting service provider, you get the opportunity to make an easy selection between Linux and Windows-based hosting. This feature is missing in many other hosting service providers, including SiteGround.
  • Along with the anytime money-back guarantee, A2 hosting also offers pro-rated refund plan according to which you can avail refund for the unused set of services in the first 30 days.
  • A2 Hosting platform also allows users to choose management level for their dedicated and VPS server hosting.

In terms of these versatile features, A2 appears a winner with its standout offerings.

After going through all the comparative details; let us highlight a few pros and cons of both these services.

Pros of SiteGround Hosting:

  • SiteGround Web Hosting service comes with many free premium features such as Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, Cloudflare CDN, automatic daily backups.
  • SiteGround offers many optimized hosting plans that can help businesses to achieve top performance online.
  • It is also integrated into famous content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. You can also gain easy access to eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento.
  • SiteGround is rated high for their fantastic customer support services over all channels.
  • People find it more reliable in terms of uptime which is 99.99%.

Pros of A2 Hosting:

  • A2 website hosting offers reliable speed with SSD drives, site catching, dedicated turbo servers and many more. You can expect lightning-fast performance for websites.
  • With A2 Hosting, you can avail incredible performance over Window and Linux based platforms as well.
  • All hosting plans on this platform are secured by advanced security protocol that includes brute force protection, dual firewalls, server hardening and virus scanning.
  • The customer support team is knowledgeable.

Cons of SiteGround:

  • Although it is easier to find affordable hosting plans with SiteGround, they offer limited features and lesser resources.
  • Website migration may appear as a messy thing to do.
  • It doesn’t offer a window hosting service.

Cons of A2 Hosting:

  • If you wish to avail an extensive range of turbo capabilities, you have to go for the expensive plans.
  • The discount codes are difficult to access.

Key Takeaway:

Now you have gone through a detailed comparison between SiteGround and A2 Hosting service. After considering all the points, there is nothing wrong if we say SiteGround as the overall winner. If you want to make best out of your investment and are excited to build a solid business reputation online, SiteGround can serve you better.

You can go online now and look for the most suitable web hosting package. Start building your website with an interactive content management system, and soon you will be able to take your business online.

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