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Amazon Affiliate Program Review + 2 Free Resources.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review – The Amazon Associates Program, is an excellent way to monetize your blog or website and supplement your income. So if you’re ready to make part-time or even full-time online income online today, then the amazon affiliate program is your best bet.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program is popularly known as “Amazon Associate Program” is the world’s most profitable and successful affiliate marketing program that has helped thousands of people generate a full-time income. People have gone from $0 to $6500 per month with the help of Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon is a trusted ecommerce website that has millions of products ready to be sold. People have an established trust level with Amazon services. The only confusion they have is which product to buy. That’s where bloggers come into play. They set up blogs and write high-quality content to help people give clarity. Bloggers send the visitors to the amazon product page through their custom amazon affiliate link, and after a successful purchase, they make upto 10% of the commission.

Amazon Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. is the no. 1 retailer online today and has extensive ecommerce experience. So there’s a good chance you can easily monetize your blogs and supplement your income.

However, to participate in the Amazon affiliate program, you’re supposed to follow specific guidelines, or you can get banned due to noncompliance. So, before you start promoting your amazon affiliate links on the internet, it’s best to go through them.

You can find the Amazon Operating Agreement here

I know you don’t want to read all the agreement word to word as it is tedious and lengthy to read. So I have summarised some points below that you don’t want to skip:

  1. Unsuitable Content: Make sure your website does not support or promote inappropriate content. If at any point of the time, your website is found to violate this critical policy term, then your Amazon Associate Program will be terminated. For example, your site must not contain the followings:
    1.  sexually explicit content, 
    2. violence or contains violent materials, 
    3. content that defames anyone, 
    4. any discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability, 
    5. promoting illegal activities or infringing Amazon trademark or
    6.  violates intellectual property rights, 
  2. Privacy Policy: You must include in your site how you’re collecting and storing data from your visitors. You can find no. of Amazon Privacy Policy templates on the internet. That will suffice.
  3. Affiliate Disclosure: There must be an affiliate disclosure that you are going to make a commission on the successful purchase of your recommendations. It is easy; you can add “This post may contain an affiliate link” line in your footer bar.
  4. Cookie Consent: The visitors must know that your website is going to place a cookie in their browser. If you are using wordpress, then you can install this plugin.
  5. False or Deceptive Claims: The content of your website should be an accurate depiction of the actual product.
  6. Offline Promotion: The Amazon operating agreement prohibits the offline promotion of the unique affiliate link.
  7. Link Shorteners: Link cloaking and link shortening of the affiliate link is not allowed. Use the affiliate links as the Amazon Sitestripe provides it.

Amazon Affiliate Program Registration.

People usually ask “Is Amazon Affiliate Program Free to join?”. And the answer is absolutely yes. The registration process of Amazon affiliate program is entirely free, and if you have a blog, website, or a youtube channel, then you can create your affiliate account reasonably easily. To register your Amazon Affiliate account for free, follow the below video.

How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is pretty straightforward to work with, as you can link to any page or product on the Amazon website through the amazon affiliate link. Amazon provides several tools for its affiliates to accomplish the linking process. Here is the brief overview of the tools amazon affiliate program provides:

SiteStripe: After successful registration and approval with the amazon affiliate program, you will see a SiteStripe toolbar whenever you log in to your Amazon account and visit any product page. This toolbar provides an easy way to add links and a quick view of your earnings so far. The Amazon SiteStripe toolbar provides the following functionality:

  • Link to any page: To get your affiliate link, visit any amazon product details page, and at the top, you will find the toolbar. You can generate a text link, image link, and text+image link from the toolbar.
  • Native Shopping Ads: Recently, Amazon has added another powerful feature of native shopping ads that provides an HTML ad code to embed anywhere on your blog or website.
  • Banners: Amazon Affiliate Program provides high converting stylish graphical banners in various sizes and shapes that link to amazon product categories and contains highly optimized special seasonal promotions. These are great to monetize your blog or website and help you earn thousands of dollars in passive income.

Product Advertising APIs: The Application program interface (APIs) provided by Amazon helps developers provide programmatic access to discover millions of amazon products with search and lookup capabilities. It allows developers to integrate amazon products seamlessly into their website along with customer reviews, similar products, and wishlist functionality.

Using these amazon tools, you can start linking to relevant products on amazon. Whenever your audience clicks through the link and buys any product within 24 hours, you will be awarded a sale commission. The cool thing about Amazon is, it doesn’t matter what the visitor buys, as long as your cookie is there on his/her computer’s browser.

For example, suppose you were advertising for a cricket bat, but after clicking through your link, the visitor bought a shampoo bottle (completely unrelated, right?). You’re going to get a commission for that too. Isn’t it amazing!

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Program.

You cannot go wrong with the Amazon Affiliate Program. Given that your blog or website are generating thousands of monthly views, monetizing your blog with the Amazon affiliate program is a no brainer. For those who are still confused here are the benefits when you join:

  • High Conversion Rate: Amazon products have high conversion rates compared to any other affiliate program like ebay or Walmart. No doubt, Amazon is the biggest and most trusted ecommerce platform on earth today.
  • No Fee Direct Bank Deposit: Amazon pays your monthly affiliate earnings directly to your bank or Paypal account and does not charge you any fee for any transactions, unlike other affiliate programs.
  • Trustworthy and Reliable: As I have already mentioned, Amazon is trusted by most of the population when it comes to shopping online. Not only that, but the amazon services are reliable too. People don’t think much when it comes to buying stuff from amazon.
  • Excellent Source Of Income: You can easily supplement your income by using the amazon affiliate program. I’ve heard people earning a full-time income through their amazon affiliate niche sites. There is a massive potential of earning passive income online through the amazon affiliate program.
  • Decent Commission Rates: The Amazon Affiliate Program’s new commission rates after the COVID 19 might have halved for specific categories, but there are many product categories in the amazon that provides more than 10% commissions. Given the high conversion of Amazon products, there is still huge potential to make a substantial income online for a beginner.
  • Infinite Opportunities: Amazon hosts millions of products across hundreds of categories. So there are zillions of opportunities for you to make your footprint. Still, several low competition niche ideas are ready to be explored. Moreover, new products and categories are continuously being added to the website, and hence, there can never be a shortage of opportunities.
  • Conversion Optimized: The Amazon website is optimized for conversions and upsells. Amazon highlights the bestseller products and also provides the “Amazon Choice” highlight for products in each category. Apart from that, Amazon also displays other related products that people buy in combination with the main product to maximize your earning potential.
  • Extensive Associate Resources: The Amazon Associate Resource Center is a great place to learn how to market the amazon products. the right way. So, Amazon provides the tools to make money online and provides the necessary education to be successful in the online affiliate marketing business.

Best Places To Get Amazon Affiliate Program Training.

If you’re a beginner and want to make money through the amazon affiliate program, then getting proper amazon affiliate marketing training is a crucial step that you cannot afford to miss. That being said, there are several platforms where you can find online courses and mentors to help you get started with the amazon affiliate program. The following are my best recommendations for learning how to make money with the amazon affiliate program.

Associate Resource Center: If you are looking forward to making money with the amazon affiliate program, then why look anywhere else when the amazon itself trains you how to get started and what are the best practices to do so? There is detailed information that will help you start your blog and Search Engine Optimization. They also provide 20 checklist points to complete for a new website to achieve success. The training is 100% free of cost.

Youtube: Another excellent platform is youtube. Many channels will help you get started with the Amazon affiliate program. Some YouTubers have also gone to an extent where they reveal everything that the paid online courses teach. So if reading is not your forte, then you can gain the necessary knowledge through videos.

Udemy: If you can afford to invest in yourself, you can buy an online course on Udemy. Udemy is a peer to peer platform where you can buy a course at a meagre price. If you don’t want to miss any aspect of the amazon affiliate marketing program, you should go for udemy’s courses. They offer a discounted price for your very first order.

Mentorship: No doubt, the best way to get the amazon affiliate program training is to enrol yourself under a mentorship program. Learn from people who are already successful with the amazon affiliate program. They know all the ins and outs, and they can provide you with all the insights on the mistakes and best practices as they have real practical experience in this field. The downside of mentorship is they can be costly, but the results are way more satisfying.

What’s My Amazon Affiliate Program Review?

According to my Amazon affiliate program review, it is an excellent and foolproof way to start making money through your blog. I have been learning how to do amazon affiliate marketing through various online courses. During my journey, I have found many people who are making a killing with the amazon associate program.

I have read several case studies on the internet and had a personal chat asking them to show their earnings report. I assure you the results they got were remarkable and dreamy. In my opinion, the amazon affiliate program is a legit way to make money online. However, investing in an excellent training program or a mentorship program should not be skipped. Try not to invent the wheel, should be my advice to you guys.