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The 10 Best Email Marketing for Shopify

Best Email Marketing For Shopify: No matter how much advanced the business industry has become, email marketing is still a potential solution for this community. If you are interested in taking your Shopify business to a whole new level, you should consider using the best email marketing solution to capture audience attention.

Best Email Marketing for Shopify

Experts reveal that email marketing is a great way to boost sales, improve conversations and ensure returning customers on your shopify store.

Although it demands huge investment in terms of money and time; the majority of stores are able to enjoy great returns.

You can find several email marketing services that can work perfectly well with Shopify. However, it may appear a little difficult for beginners to choose the best one for their business. Well, this article can help you know more about using email marketing for Shopify along with highlights of best email marketing platforms.

What can email marketing services do for Shopify?

Before we start talking about different email marketing platforms for Shopify; let us talk about how this tool can help you to take your business to a whole new level. Here we have listed a few important features that are worth noticing for every Shopify store owner:

Direct integration of forms:

You will be happy to hear that any forms on your Shopify store can easily connect to the email marketing service. As soon as you are done with the integration, there is no need to insert code every time on your website. It runs smoothly and perfectly well.

Syncing contacts:

As soon as you set up the email marketing tool, the purchase history of customers along with their contact details, will be linked straight to the email tool. The great news is that many advanced tools import Shopify contacts automatically while adjusting the subscribe or unsubscribe status.

Manage segments:

The advanced email marketing tools make it easier to create different segments of the customers based on their purchase history. Few of these tools may even help you get notified when some customers view a certain product but do not initiate a purchase. In this way, you can set up follow up sessions. There are plenty of tools that can help you handle contacts automatically on Shopify.

Run automated campaigns:

We cannot imagine the success of any business online without running potential email marketing campaigns. The great news is that advanced tools can help you run automated campaigns such as cross-selling, order confirmations, abandoned cart or upselling promotions. The recommended product emails can further help you boost sales by a considerable level.

Instant reporting:

In order to analyze the success of any email marketing campaigns, you must be able to get adequate insights about how it well it worked and how much revenue was generated. Most of the modern email marketing tools are designed with the eCommerce reporting feature so that you can build a solid customer base online.

Simple email editor:

It is really good to have an intuitive and creative visual email editor. It can help you to drag and drop images as well as text into the emails so that you can send relevant information quickly to the subscribers.  Some of these advanced tools even assist Shopify business owners in adding products right into the emails.

So, now you have gone through the amazing benefits of having a reliable, easy to integrate and simple to manage email marketing tool for Shopify business. Now, it is time to explore the various options available in the market.

Best Email Marketing For Shopify:

The great news is that Shopify also introduced its own email marketing app recently in November 2019. And beginners in this industry may be happy to hear that they can use it freely up to October 2019. After this duration, users can send almost 2500 emails for free every month; but if the count rises above that, you have to pay $1 for the lot of 1000 emails sent.

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There is no doubt to say that it can be a convenient solution to the entrepreneurs who want to excel with Shopify store. But at the same time, it is important to mention that this app has limited features; it is basically designed to assist users with website creation, not with the email newsletters. You can find just a few basic templates on this platform, and there are limited customization options as well. Hence, you will not be able to enjoy more freedom with your email marketing campaigns.

This dedicated app helps to add products easily and instantly to the emails. However, if you wish to send triggered automation instead of Shopify prompts to the target customers, you may need to use additional tools.

Considering the drawbacks of Shopify email marketing solution, we should look for a few other competitive options available in the market. Below we have listed a few incredible options that you can choose with ease.


In the past few years, Omnisend has become one of the most sophisticated omnichannel solutions for Shopify email marketing. With this tool, you can use SMS marketing, set up Google retargeting ads, Facebook ads, messenger, push notifications and many more. It offers smooth communication solution for the segmented audience.

The most incredible thing to know about Omnisend is that it allows dynamic gamification elements, landing pages and interactive signup forms. This platform assists in managing sales reports for every campaign, which is otherwise not so easy with other email marketing tools. Furthermore, the in-depth reports and click maps for automation and email campaigns can help you to make adequate decisions about important data.

Note that same as most other email marketing tools available in the market, Omnisend also allows customized subscription packages based on the number of contacts merchants have. One can send around 2000 emails in a day and maximum of 15000 emails per month without paying anything. However, if you are interested in accessing additional features like SMS marketing, automation etc. you can upgrade your subscription plan to Pro or Standard. 


Klaviyo is another comprehensive tool in the market that provides easy access to the entire suite of necessary tools to run an effective email marketing campaign. It offers robust segmentation, signup forms, email campaigns and can assist to lead marketing automation over multiple channels.

If you are using the small editors such as Mailchimp, Ominsend or Mailerlite from past few years, Klaviyo may appear little complicated at first instance. However, adding products to emails and designing content may appear pretty simple. Another amazing thing to know about Klaviyo is that it allows advanced marketing automation.

After going through amazing features of this email marketing tool, now you must be eager to know about its features. Well, Klaviyo offers a free plan to help you manage up to around 250 contacts and send 500 emails every month. If you are getting started, this offer may appear cost-effective. However, if your business is at scaling stage, you may find Klaviyo plans little expensive.

Campaign Monitor:

Campaign Monitor is another amazing option for Shopify business. It has many good features along with easy personalization options and segmentation so that customer data can be utilized more creatively. This marketing tool promises a great journey for the designer with its automated workflows.

The only trouble with Campaign Monitor is that it doesn’t provide access to additional marketing channels. You cannot send SMS to your contacts, or it doesn’t offer easy communication workflows. You can only handle email marketing campaigns to lead your Shopify business.

Another sad fact about Campaign Monitor is that it doesn’t offer any free service; so beginners may find it a little expensive to handle their Shopify marketing campaigns.

Active Campaign:

Here is another advanced marketing platform. The active campaign can help you find easy CRM functionality. It also enables customer database management and sales funnels handling with engaging email marketing campaigns. Other than this, the Active Campaign platform also offers ready to send SMS for Shopify business owners. You will also find it a convenient tool to manage a conversation with the Facebook audience.

The best thing to know about this email marketing platform is that it offers great support for managing multiple platforms. As there is no need to connect to Active Campaign using only one domain, you can make an easy selection for campaign assignment. Moreover, this email marketing platform provides great support to the clients so that they can run profitable campaigns online. The in-depth functionality makes it easier to build an impression in the competitive market.  Note that, this email marketing tool offers subscribers based pricing model for Shopify business owners.


Here comes a new player on the list that can help eCommerce business owners to establish a great brand reputation.

Privy is widely known for its convenient signup forms. Other than this, Privy has extended its features and functionality by considerable level with its perfect combination of email marketing, SMS and automated emails. Other than this, here you can find some valuable automation workflows including order follow-up, welcome and cart recovery emails. Moreover, an automated message is also generated after card abandonment to engage the audience.

If you are a beginner in the eCommerce sector, you might be interested in growing your email list. At the beginning stage of business, you may not be willing to mess with complicated marketing tools. However, it cannot support you with extensive customer database management and omnichannel marketing approach. The platform also has a sending limit up to 10,000 SMS recipients and 200,000 mailing contacts. The pricing plan is also tailored very well to serve eCommerce beginners without putting much burden on their limited budgets.


Mailerlite is a great solution for all those who are just stepping into the eCommerce marketplace. You will find this platform quite intuitive, engaging and user-friendly as well. The beautiful newsletters, drag and drop editor, basic automation features and in-house signup forms make it a more reliable choice for leading Shopify business.

However, it is important to understand that Mailerlite cannot serve you with omnichannel communication, advanced segmentation and in-depth reporting.

You will be happy to hear that this advanced email marketing tool can help you manage 1000 subscribers for free, and you can send almost 12000 emails with ease. However, for advanced features, you can check the custom subscribers-based pricing plans.


This marketing automation tool provides few additional benefits for your eCommerce business. With this tool, you can access CRM services, webinars and landing pages as well.

Experts recommend it for running Shopify email marketing campaigns with more confidence. The deep data integration tools further provide easy syncing of customer, product data, order info, tagging details, advanced segmentation and automated campaigns. GetResponse is a handy, solution for your Shopify business, and it offers plenty of automation options with ready to go templates. It also includes abandoned cart campaigns, sales promotions and post-purchase emails. One can also add various recommended products directly to emails, and they can be personalized easily as per the purchase history of a specific customer.

The pricing plans of GetResponse, email marketing tool, are based on the number of subscribers you want to manage. Moreover, they also offer 30 days of free trial so that you can make a confident decision about long term subscription.


In case if you are interested in creating automation for even the smallest actions taken by the potential customers on your Shopify store, Drip can assist you better. It can help you hop around specific data points and use them more creatively to lead your business. This tool keeps on monitoring all activities of visitors on your website and prepares adequate data about which product was viewed, how many orders were placed or cancelled and many more.

Drip is better known as Ecommerce CRM, and it puts more emphasis on making the customer journey more fruitful. It is even possible to integrate the system with the Facebook audience; it means you can easily combine social media campaigns and Shopify automated campaigns.

The process of integration becomes pretty simple and convenient with Drip. There is no need to insert a specific tracking code to enable live tracking of the website. Also, the system is pretty straightforward with colourful workflow editor. The automation becomes much convenient with this tool as it includes parallel paths, actions, and decision that are more relevant for the workflow. You can also pick pre-built templates such as coupon welcome series, cart abandonment, and campaigns that can connect to at-risk customers. With all the amazing features, this email marketing tool appears quite useful for Shopify business owners.


If you want to run a low budget Shopify store, Sendinblue email marketing service can help you save a lot. This transactional email provider can be expended over multi-channel platforms with easy email and SMS offerings. It is loaded with many impressive features along with lead scoring, live chat, Facebook ads, automation and landing pages as well.

Sendinblue is here with some impressive smart eCommerce features. Their transactional message also features easy updates sharing with customers via SMS and emails. The shipping notifications and order summaries can also be managed with ease. Sendinblue makes it easier to manage individual data elements and contact records so that this information can be used creatively for leading successful business campaigns. Another amazing thing to know about this email marketing tool is that it is available at an affordable price range so that Shopify business owners can run their store even at low budget.


SmartrMail is a great solution for Shopify business owners as it is designed by keeping eCommerce business in mind. It has all the essential features that are required to serve customers over the online store. The integration process becomes super simple with this tool; even beginners can handle it with ease. Right when you sign up, it generates engaging email design depending upon the needs of your existing Shopify store. It can help you lead effective marketing campaigns while saving much of your time. The templates can also be edited and saved with ease for future usage.

You will be happy to hear that this email marketing tool makes use of machine learning to create product recommendation emails for the target subscribers. It simply visualizes the existing data and generates relevant emails; they can be sent to subscribers on a specific frequency. With SmartrMail, it is possible to run smart email marketing campaigns and that too at a reasonable price. It can help you boost a loyal customer base in the market with easy to use features.

Key Takeaway:

Now, you have gone through a long list of email marketing tools that can be integrated into Shopify stores. You can pick the most relevant tool out of this list and start promoting your products online. Prefer to rate these tools based on ease of use, affordability and features, and soon you will be able to lead engaging marketing campaigns. The advanced tools don’t require more settings, and they can assist even beginners as well to run fruitful branding campaigns.